About Josh

At an early age, I always loved technology and problem solving. I would pull apart computers, read books about how cars are made and constantly ask my mom questions about the world around me. While growing up, I became fascinated with drawing, acting, graphic design and magic. I was a creative kid.

Josh sitting on a bench with a man made out of legos

Paying my way through college as a professional magician, I quickly graduated with an art degree and entered the freelance world as a designer and web developer (while continuing to perform magic).

Over the years, I moved into front-end development full-time. I built a partnership with a successful entrepreneur in Houston and helped him build many products in different industries including medical eCommerce, promotional marketing, drug testing, and office hardware. I built a team of developers and become a team lead and manager.

Now, I am a full-stack developer specializing in JavaScript, including the Angular, React, and Express frameworks. I also continue to write and discuss productivity and personal development online.

Personality Typings

Personality typings and systems are fun. They are not a full measure of who a person is but they are a great way for me to explore my behaviors and motivations for more self-awareness. Here's a summary of the different systems I use and my types.

  • Enneagram: 7w6
  • Myers Briggs: The Protagonists (ENFJ-A)
  • DiSC: Influence
  • Strengths Finder: Includer, Input, Adaptability, Command
  • Fascination Advantage: Innovation & Mysticque
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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