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Hi, I'm Josh 👋

I am fascinated by technology and self-improvement. In college, I discovered authors like Steven Covey and David Allen. I realized I have every opportunity to optimize, refine, and redirect my efforts to produce the work and life that I most wanted. This website shares my personal and professional journey through life.

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Navigate the Web with Vim

I've been using a tool for probably over a year now that helps let's me navigate the web with Vim. It's a simple chrome extension called Vimium.

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This Four Letter Word Kills Productivity

Let's face it, there are a lot of things that can kill productivity; meetings, email, urgent matters given by co-workers and bosses. But the biggest

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The Eisenhower Matrix and Todoist

The Eisenhower matrix is a productivity method to help you evaluate your work and decide what needs done in a more efficient manner.

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Can't Keep up? Make a Waiting For List

You live in a world that depends on other people to get work done. On any day you could be waiting for a handful of people to take action

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Bullet Journal Didn't Work for Me

The Bullet Journal is an analog productivity system used for capturing everything during your day (todos, appointments, notes).

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How I Do my Weekly Review

A good weekly review is important in my productivity. It allows me to evaluate my recent actions and plan out the following week.

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