My Story

At an early age, I always loved technology and problem solving. I would pull apart computers, read books about how cars are made and constantly ask my mom questions about the world around me. While growing up, I became fascinated with drawing, acting, graphic design and magic. I was a creative kid.

Paying my way through college as a professional magician, I quickly graduated with an art degree and entered the freelance world as a designer and web developer (while continuing to perform magic).

Over the years I have made a living as a freelance web designer and productivity enthusiast. Along the way I have established myself as a freelance writer, podcaster, public speaker, educator, mentor, and consultant.

I currently work for DigitalCrafts as a full-stack instructor in Houston, Texas and continue to build myself as a thought leader in productivity and technology.

My Values

There are a handful of cornerstone values that I hold in every area of life. If you do business with me or consume my free content these values are held at utmost importance:

  • Integrity:I believe in always being honest and having a strong moral principles. Good business is about being truthful and transparent in every aspect and not shortchanging or twisting the facts for personal gain. I do my best to admit my mistakes and I let my “yes” be “yes” and my “no” be “no”.
  • Gratitude: I believe in having the readiness to show appreciation and return kindness to others. The quality of being thankful and in all areas of my life (in the good and the bad).
  • Intentionality: I believe living a fulfilling and meaningful life is about going through life deliberately and with purpose, wether that’s connecting with meaningful relationships, or setting goals towards what I want to accomplish.
  • Community: I believe nothing great is done in solitude. I’m do my best to surround myself with amazing people that can influence, inspire and set me accountable towards greatness.
  • Faith: I believe there is one God who loves me and put me on this earth to glorify Him. My life has a purpose and I’m living for something bigger than myself.

My Personality

Personality typings and systems are fun. They are not a full measure of who a person is but they are a great way for me to explore my behaviors and motivations for more self-awareness. Here's a summary of the different systems I use and my types.

  • Enneagram: 7w6
  • Myers Briggs: The Protagonists (ENFJ-A)
  • DiSC: Influence
  • Strengths Finder: Includer, Input, Adaptability, Command
  • Fascination Advantage: Innovation & Mysticque
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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Josh Medeski

Hello there, I'm Josh. I write, speak, and podcast on productivity and technology. By day I'm an instructor for a coding bootcamp.
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