Make Your Yearly Review Easier with AI hero

Make Your Yearly Review Easier with AI

Growth Mindset

AI tools like ChatGPT can make the process of doing a yearly review much easier! I’ll go over the AI prompt and process that I used this year for my yearly review.

AI has made my life a lot easier and I’m excited to share with you how I used it to make my yearly review easier.

The Tools

I use Obsidian for all my note-taking, including journaling my yearly review, and Raycast AI for ChatGPT integration on macOS.


The following prompt will generate questions for your yearly review:

You are a productivity coach, you will help me align
my life with what's most important to me. I am doing
a yearly review and I will be reflecting on the last
year and thinking about the year ahead. Give me a
group of questions that will help me with each area
of my life. Wait until I give you an area then give
me the questions as bullet points in markdown.

Then provide it with an area of your life, such as: “health”, “fitness”, or “hobbies” and it will generate a list of questions for you to answer.


Ali Abdaal’s video discussing his wheel of life:

Also check out Tiago Forte’s Building A Second Brain to learn more about the PARA method and how to organize your life, including creating areas of responsibility.

Bonus prompt formula

Creating a prompt forumla will help your results be more consistent and focused on your needs. Here is the formula I use to generate better results.

{role} {purpose} {context} {instructions} {conditions}


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