More fun in the terminal with Wezterm! hero

More fun in the terminal with Wezterm!

Wezterm is a my new favorite terminal emulator. It’s been fun to create some customizations for it using the lua programming language. In this video, I’ll show you how I swap out background images, fonts, and color schemes using lua. I’ll also show you a tip for how to get rid of the notch if you have a MacBook.

Here’s the helper function I created to get a random entry from a table:

local wezterm = require("wezterm")
local M = {}
M.get_random_entry = function(tbl)
local keys = {}
for key, _ in ipairs(tbl) do
table.insert(keys, key)
local randomKey = keys[math.random(1, #keys)]
return tbl[randomKey]
return M

You can view all of my Wezterm configure here:

If you want to learn more about Wezterm, check out the official docs:

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