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Smart tmux sessions with zoxide and fzf


Update: I’ve created an official tmux plugin called to make it easy to set this up in your workflow. View “t - smart tmux session manager” tmux plugin

Create and manage tmux sessions automatically with a custom script that uses zoxide and fzf.


brew install zoxide

View zoxide on GitHub


brew install tmux

View tmux on GitHub

abbr tn "tmux new -s (pwd | sed 's/.*\///g')"

You can turn off the detach-on-destroy option in your tmux.conf to allow tmux to switch to an existing session when you close the final window on a session.

set-option -g detach-on-destroy off

Update alacritty.yaml

This is the macOS binding I use (cmd+j) to open the session manager popup.

  - { key: J, mods: Command, chars: "\x02\x54" }

Watch “macOS Keyboard Shortcuts for tmux” for more details.

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